United Tribes News – Radio is produced by United Tribes Technical College, one of North Dakota’s five tribal colleges. UTN–Radio offers informative and educational talks and discussion to help improve understanding about tribes, Native People and education. The program strives to present unmediated presentations from Native sources.

Ep. 1 King Day at UTTC
Ep. 2 First Nations Day
Ep. 3 Hattie Kauffman at UTTC
Ep. 4 Dr. Spero Manson – Diabetes Prevention
Ep. 5 Herman Viola – Native Culture
Ep. 8 Rick Williams at 2012 Gipp Leadership Awards
Ep. 9 Faith Spotted Eagle – Red Rage
Ep. 11 Heitkamp and Taken Alive – Trauma in Native Communities
Ep. 13 Tribal Summit After-Hours w/ Archambault and Friends
Ep. 14 First Nations Day 2016
Hall of Honor 2016 Pt. 2
Ep. 18 DRC Forum on Standing Rock NODAPL
Ep. 19 MLK Day at UTTC with Non-Violence Peace Keepers
Ep. 20 Women’s March on Capitol
Ep. 21 World View Intelligence with Nagel and Jourdain
Ep. 22 Rapporteur Victoria Tauli Corpus Special Report
Ep. 23 World View Intelligence – LeMoine LaPointe
Ep. 25 Tribal Flags Ceremony at UTTC DEMNPL
Ep. 26 Author Joseph Marshal
Ep. 30 Hall of Honor 2017 Pt. 2
Ep. 33 LaDonna Bravebull Allard – Honor Our Culture